Asian, Western, Fusion – regardless of the type of cuisine your restaurant focusses on, we are here to design your kitchen according to your needs.

Being in the business for more than 20 years, we clearly understand that optimal kitchen workflow is the foundation of an enjoyable working environment to maximise productivity.

Our sales and project team listen to our customers’ requirement to propose a design layout that would benefit the owner and chefs alike, keeping in mind maximum work space & minimum wastage.

Fabricated Equipment is integral to every kitchen.

In order to provide a wholesome service, customisation services increase the flexibility of our facilities to meet the variety of needs of different clients.

We do not believe in one size-fits-all attitude.

Every kitchen has its unique features and space constrain.

This is where the customisation comes in beneficial.

Our inventory stocks not only quality equipment but parts for the quality equipment that we distribute.

This will ensure that our client get the most timely replacements and repairs in the unfortunate event that an equipment requires a service.

A team of well-trained service technicians are constantly upgraded to meet the ever-changing demand of the food and hospitality industry.

Regular servicing and maintenance is essential to prolong the lifespan of your equipment and also, increase productivity by minimising downtime, where time wastage is caused by equipment breakdowns.